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Conversion Coating on Aluminum

Conversion coatings on aluminum are coatings for metals where the part surface is converted into the coating with a chemical or electro-chemical process. Examples include chromate conversion, phosphate conversion coatings and oxide coatings on steel and titanium. These processes are used for:
  • Corrosion protection
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Added decorative color
  • Good base for Primers and Paints
Conversion coatings may be very thin, on the order of 0.00001".

Fluoride Phosphate for Titanium: This process establishes the engineering requirements for producing chemical conversion coatings on titanium alloys and the properties of the coating. Flouride phosphate for titanium has been used typically to provide a coating which is receptive to anti-galling and organic finishes.

Conversion Coating Specifications  · Process Information

Conversion Coating Specifications
ProcessClassificationMilitary SpecificationNote
Iridite and Alodine-MIL-DTL-5541-Type I
MIL-C-5541-Class IA, 3
Clear or Gold
Chemical Film Hexavelent Chromium FreeRoHS CompliantMIL-DTL-5541 Type II
Class IA & 3
Conversion Coatings on Titanium Alloys-AMS 2486Flouride Phosphate
Conversion Coatings on Zinc Die Cast---

Process Information


AS9100 Quality System
Nadcap Approvals for Chemical Processing and Non-Destructive Testing

Company Approval

Boeing- Long Beach; Hungtington Beach; Mesa, Arizona; Saint Louis, MI
Lockheed- Orlando, FL
Pratt & Whitney- Canoga Park

Pre-Treatment of Material/Misc Processes

24 hour bake charge for test panels on TT-C-490 Type I
Abrasive Blasting (Glass Bead or Alum Oxide)


Bright Dip-Aluminum

Bright Dip-Copper

Caustic Etch or Alkaline Clean

Corrosion Preventative Compound

Embrittlement Relief Nickel/Cad Plate

Line Graining

Marking or indentification

Masking and Demasking per process

Nitro Pickle Etch


Pickle and Etch all metals

Polishing and Buffing

Silk Screening plus cost of artwork/set-up

Solvent degrease and Aqueus Degreasing

Stenciling plus cost of Stencils


Fountain Valley, CA